CEDAR email: SPA SPARC Award Nominations due June 1

Viall-kepko, Nicholeen M. (GSFC-6710) nicholeen.m.viall at nasa.gov
Fri May 8 13:10:07 MDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,

There is a relatively new SPA award that we wanted to bring to your attention: the Space Physics and Aeronomy Richard Carrington Education and Public Outreach (SPARC) award. Please consider nominating your colleagues. The deadline is June 1st.

Information on nomination requirements and past recipients can be found here:


The Space Physics & Aeronomy Richard Carrington (SPARC) Education & Public Outreach Award is presented annually to a senior scientist for significant impact on the public’s understanding of space physics and aeronomy through their education or outreach activities. It is named for Richard Carrington, an English amateur astronomer who was the first person to observe a large solar flare in 1859. Recipients of the SPARC Award go above and beyond their job title in their education and outreach endeavors.

Thank you,

Nicholeen Viall, Toshi Nishimura, and Aaron Ridley

 (SPARC Award Committee)

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