CEDAR email: Basu U.S. Early Career award nominations

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Fri May 8 13:45:09 MDT 2020

We would like to call attention to the Basu U.S. Early Career award
and urge members of the Space Physic community to consider nominating
promising young scientists.

The Basu U.S. Early Career for Research Excellence in Sun-Earth
Systems Science is presented annually to an early career scientist
from the United States. The award, established in 2012, recognizes
significant work that shows promise of making outstanding
contributions to research in Sun-Earth systems
science and furthers the understanding of plasma physical processes
and their applications for the benefit of society. Awardees deliver an
invited talk at the AGU Fall Meeting. This award is made possible by a
generous contribution from AGU members Sunanda and Santimay Basu.

The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2020. More information
is available at

Joe Huba
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