CEDAR email: Daedalus mission virtual workshop - update

Claudia Stolle cstolle at gfz-potsdam.de
Thu May 7 10:26:57 MDT 2020

The ESA Earth Observation EE10 candidate mission Daedalus Science Team 
invites to a virtual workshop dedicated to explore Lower Thermosphere - 
Ionosphere (LTI) in situ measurements. The meeting is arranged on Friday 
May 8 2020 between 14 - 17 CEST / 8am - 11am EDT. Together with 
highlighted talks by invited speakers we will discuss scientific needs 
and new opportunities for one of the least explored regions of our 

Daedalus' website is at https://daedalus.earth and with information on 
the virtual meeting including the agenda at 

The workshop will happen as a zoom session upon registration via 
https://tinyurl.com/vkvumuq .

The workshop will also be streamed via YouTube as soon as the zoom 
session is alive: 
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDJNwxvy736RR4pkbVV7u5g . This stream 
can be followed irrespective of prior registration to the meeting. A 
related YouTube chat gives possibility to comment and ask questions.

We look very much forward welcoming you.
Claudia Stolle, Minna Palmroth, Eelco Dornboos, Theodoros Sarris, 
Therese Moretto Jørgensen, and the Daedalus Science Team

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