CEDAR email: Fall AGU Session - NH022 - Global Ionospheric and Thermospheric Response to Extreme Terrestrial and Space Weather Hazards

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Dear colleagues,

Contributions are invited to the following session at the 2019 Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Session:NH022 - Global ionospheric and Thermospheric Response to Extreme Terrestrial and Space Weather Hazards

The ionosphere and thermosphere system (IT) is strongly driven by energy, momentum and particle inputs from the solar EUV radiation, solar wind, magnetosphere from top and below by tropospheric events. Here we focus on consequences of terrestrial hazards such as tropical cyclones, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and space weather hazards such as intense geomagnetic storms and strong solar flares that can seriously affect the IT System. We welcome papers on experimental observations, empirical and theoretical modelling studies, and forecasting efforts, concerning terrestrial and space hazards impact on the lower ionosphere (D-region) and upper ionosphere (F-region) and thermosphere using both satellite and ground based measurement techniques such as Ionosonde, GNSS/GPS, VLF radio waves, airglow, probes and detectors. Papers dealing with monitoring and characterization of ionospheric scintillation and irregularities and their influences on GNSS signals, GPS meteorology missions such as COSMIC, generation and propagation of AGWs/TIDs, and relevant topics, are also welcome.

Abstract submission is now open and the deadline for submission is July 31, 2019. Please follow the link below to submit an abstract.



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