CEDAR email: SA009 - Investigating the Behavior of Multiscale Processes in the ITM System

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SA009 - Investigating the Behavior of Multiscale Processes in the ITM System
Call for Papers for FALL 2019 AGU session SA-009

Now is the time to focus our communities efforts on the outstanding problems that reach across the NSF- and NASA- funding boundaries. Only by identifying challenging and compelling questions can we hope to engage our sponsors attention so that they can successfully advocate for increased funding for investments in theory, modeling, ground- and space-based investigations.
What do we need to do/measure/fly to understand the spatial and temporal behavior of the ITM system (its response to solar ionization and heating, forcing by the lower atmosphere, and electromagnetic and particle inputs from the magnetosphere, as well as internal processes)? What can we do with the current ground-and space-based instruments in addressing these questions? What are the open questions? How do we make useful/accurate predictions? What do we need to add to our capabilities? GOLD, ICON and TIMED are expected to provide measurements of the ITM system along with groundbased sensors and sounding rockets, MOO payloads, etc. What would the next generation (DYNAMIC/GDC) provide that is missing? This session welcomes presentations on next generation instrument technologies, missions, state of the art modeling efforts, and scientific results relevant to the multiscale dynamics of the ITM system.

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