CEDAR email: AGU Session: Recent Advances in ULF Wave Research: Sources and Impacts

Xueling Shi xueling7 at vt.edu
Mon Jul 8 09:42:45 MDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the following SPA-Magnetospheric
Physics session at the 2019 Fall AGU Meeting, December 9-13, 2019 in San
Francisco CA.  Abstracts are due Wednesday July 31. Here is the link:

*Session Title:*
SM037 - Recent Advances in ULF Wave Research: Sources and Impacts

*Session Description:*
Ultra-low frequency (ULF; 1 mHz - several Hz) waves are known to transport
and couple energy throughout the geospace system. ULF waves can be driven
by internal instabilities and wave-particle interactions as well as
external sources such as interplanetary shocks and upstream waves in the
solar wind and ion foreshock. Several spacecraft missions (e.g., THEMIS,
RBSP, and MMS) and increasing coverage of ground instruments, including
SuperDARN, Imagers, and ground magnetometers, have enabled significant
advances in ULF wave research. For example, recent studies have shown ULF
waves could affect VLF wave growth, precipitation/aurora, ring current and
radiation belt processes. However, there are several outstanding questions,
such as: When and where different internally and externally driven ULF
waves occur? How to quantify the energy dissipation in the ionosphere
related to ULF waves? This session invites papers examining the sources and
impacts of ULF waves utilizing observations, theoretical arguments, and
modeling efforts.

*Index Terms:*
2483 Wave/particle interactions [IONOSPHERE]
2752 MHD waves and instabilities [MAGNETOSPHERIC PHYSICS]
2772 Plasma waves and instabilities [MAGNETOSPHERIC PHYSICS]
2784 Solar wind/magnetosphere interactions [MAGNETOSPHERIC PHYSICS]

*Conveners: *
Xueling Shi, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24060 (United States)
Joseph B. H. Baker, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24060 (United States)
Michael Hartinger, Space Science Institute Boulder, Boulder CO (United
Kazue Takahashi, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel
MD 20723-6099 (United States)

Thank you very much.

Best wishes,

Xueling Shi, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
Center for Space Science and Engineering Research
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

Scientific Visitor
High Altitude Observatory
National Center for Atmospheric Research
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