CEDAR email: Call for participation in the AGU session titled "Inner magnetospheric waves and their impact on the ionosphere"

Hyunju Connor hkconnor at alaska.edu
Wed Jul 3 19:21:18 MDT 2019

Dear CEDAR Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the AGU session SM015 titled “Inner magnetospheric waves and their impact on the ionosphere”. See more details below.

Session Title:
SM015 - Inner magnetospheric waves and their impact on the ionosphere

Session Link:

Session Description:
Inner magnetospheric waves can significantly affect the ionosphere–thermosphere system. Chorus and ECH waves cause diffuse aurora. ULF waves modulate chorus wave activities and produce pulsating aurora, and the dissipation of ULF wave current systems can heat the ionosphere. EMIC waves cause precipitation of relativistic electrons from the radiation belt to the ionosphere and even down to the mesosphere. Such particle precipitation ionizes the upper atmosphere, enhances the ionospheric conductivity, and modifies the ionospheric electrodynamics. In turn, the thermosphere responds to the ionospheric variation via Joule heating. Recent spacecraft missions like THEMIS, RBSP, and MMS have unveiled the characteristics and distribution of inner magnetospheric waves. Ground observatories like SuperDARN, PFISR, and THEMIS have revealed the wave impacts on the ionosphere. Therefore, it is timely to discuss the role of magnetospheric waves in the magnetosphere–ionosphere coupling processes. This session invites papers on observations, simulations, theoretical investigations, or any combination of the three.

Hyunju Connor, U of Alaska Fairbanks
Allison Jaynes, U of Iowa
Michael Hartinger, Virginia Tech

Thank you very much,
Hyunju Connor.

Hyunju Kim Connor
Assistant Professor
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