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Dear editor/moderator,

Would you please post the following workshop announcement in the next CEDAR newsletter? Please confirm that you have received this request.


Impacts of Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability on Intermediate Timescales

At this one-day workshop we will discuss solar spectral irradiance variability with timescales of one to several days, its effects on the terrestrial atmosphere, and consequences for technological systems (communication, drag, etc.). Impacts on other planetary atmospheres will also be considered. Variability on these intermediate timescales is associated with the evolution of solar active regions and the rotation of active regions onto and off of the visible disk. The workshop will not deal with flare-related variability.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, December 9, the day before the fall AGU meeting, in the Washington, DC area, most likely at the Goddard Space Flight Center. If you plan to attend, please contact Jim Klimchuk (James.A.Klimchuk at nasa.gov<mailto:James.A.Klimchuk at nasa.gov>) or Sam Schonfeld (samuel.schonfeld at nasa.gov<mailto:samuel.schonfeld at nasa.gov>) as soon as possible, but no later than Nov. 1. We anticipate a format of discussion inspired by presentations. If you would like to present, please send a title (to be posted) and a brief description (for planning purposes only). Further information will be available on our website:  https://science.gsfc.nasa.gov/670/variability_workshop/

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