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Wiltberger, Michael J mwiltber at nsf.gov
Tue Oct 2 05:35:03 MDT 2018

The National Science Foundation is seeking qualified candidate for a Science Analyst in the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Science (AGS) within the Directorate for Geosciences (GEO), Alexandria, VA.

AGS supports fundamental research into the physical, chemical, and biological processes that impact the composition and physical phenomena and behavior of matter between the sun and the surface of the Earth. This includes a wide variety of important processes that impact humans and society, such as space weather, tropospheric weather, climate, and air quality. Specific programs include studies of the physics, chemistry, and dynamics of earth's upper and lower atmosphere and its space environment, and research on climate processes and variations.

The AGS Science Analyst will primarily provide support for activities and programs within the Division. In particular, the position holder will develop and produce data analyses, reports and presentations that describe the research and facilities supported by AGS and the outcomes of that investment. This will aid in program and portfolio evaluation, inform decisions made by Division management, and help engage AGS's many stakeholders more effectively. The incumbent will also assist program officers in the solicitation and merit review of proposals for NSF funding, and the oversight of NSF awards. These tasks will involve frequent interactions with staff throughout the Division and in other parts of NSF.

Major duties for the AGS Science Analyst include, but are not limited to, the following:

  *   As required by the Division Director, Sections Heads or Program Directors, develop reports, studies, and analyses of research funded by the Division and its outcomes.
  *   Develop data-driven measures to aid in the evaluation of the impact (scientific and technical, economic, or societal) of the AGS portfolio, in the form of complex data and text analyses, performance metrics, and other analytics, as needed. Identify, retrieve and examine pertinent textual content and data. Validate results and analyses to ensure consistency and quality control.
  *   Create presentations, graphics, and other media highlighting AGS programs and outcomes for a variety of internal and external audiences.
  *   Work with AGS management and Program Directors to compile and present information on program portfolios, metrics and outcomes that inform expert assessment of the Division's program investments. Results of findings may be used at meetings of Advisory Committees, Committees of Visitors, and other internal and external forums.
  *   Assist in the solicitation, merit review and award oversight processes. This will include handling or re-directing questions from the scientific community concerning AGS programs, identifying expert reviewers and assisting with the management of proposal review panels.

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