CEDAR email: 2 1/2 postdoctoral position available at the University of Oslo

Lasse Clausen lasse.clausen at fys.uio.no
Mon Nov 19 23:22:47 MST 2018

The Plasma and Space Physics section of the University of Oslo seeks 
candidates for a postdoctoral position within the field of data analysis 
and instrument development. The contract will be over 2 1/2 years.

The successful candidate will be a part of the Section for Plasma and 
Space Physics at The Department of Physics as well as the 4DSpace 
strategic research initiative. The main focus of these groups is to 
advance our understanding of high latitude electrodynamics and its 
impact on technological systems like GPS and Galileo. For more 
information, see: 

In July 2017 the first Norwegian scientific satellite was launched into 
a polar orbit. On board it carries the multi-needle Langmuir Probe 
(m-NLP) developed and built at the University of Oslo. This instrument 
is capable of measuring the ionospheric plasma density with a sampling 
rate of 1000 Hz, thereby mapping the ionospheric state at an 
unprecedented resolution. The successful candidate will utilize this 
unique dataset to achieve two goals: (1) map ionospheric structuring and 
its driving processes in the mid- and low-latitude region; and (2) 
characterize the m-NLP instrument on board NorSat-1 as well as its 
interaction with the plasma environment. The second part will involve 
comparisons between actual NorSat-1 data and measurements obtained in 
our new plasma chamber – the successful candidate is expected to take a 
leading part in the development of this new capability here at the 
University of Oslo. Another key element of this part is to develop 
future versions of the m-NLP to be flown on other satellites and rockets 
together with our technical staff. We expect that this work will lead to 
several significant advances in the field of plasma turbulence.

Please apply by clicking on this link: 

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