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New Applied Space Weather Research degree programs at Catholic University

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The Department of Physics at Catholic University of America (CUA) is
pleased to offer a two-year program for graduate students to earn a
Master’s Degree in Applied Space Weather Research.  The impetus for
creating this new opportunity is the increasing need for expertise in space
weather in the commercial sector, government, and academia.  Although the
importance of space weather and the potential hazards to technical systems
and human health have been highlighted in several recent studies,
universities have yet to fully accommodate the multi-disciplinary knowledge
that will provide the foundation for a space-ready society of the future.

Course offerings for the Master’s Degree in Applied Space Weather Research
cover both the fundamental physics of the Sun-Earth system and the
technical aspects of infrastructure impacted by conditions in the space
environment.  Course instruction leverages the strong partnership between
CUA and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The CUA Department of Physics has
recently launched an on-campus Space Weather Center that will allow
students to conduct research and access space weather data and models in a
real-world setting.

CUA is accepting applications for the Fall 2018 semester.  Information
about the program can be found at
Questions about the program can be addressed to space-weather at cua.edu.  We
strongly recommend candidates contact CUA prior to submitting an
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