CEDAR email: PhD Position in Ionospheric Physics at University of Oulu, Finland

Heikki Vanhamaki heikki.vanhamaki at oulu.fi
Mon Jul 23 02:34:42 MDT 2018

Applications are invited for a four-year, full-time doctoral student 
position. The successful candidate will study space weather effects on 
the high-latitude ionospheric current systems and 
magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling. The project will utilize data from 
the Swarm satellites and ground-based magnetometers (e.g. SuperMAG and 
IMAGE), together with other satellite and ground-based measurements. The 
position will be placed in the Ionospheric Physics research unit at the 
Faculty of Science, University of Oulu. In the unit the coupled 
magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system is studied by utilizing 
data from different satellite missions (e.g. Swarm and Cluster) and from 
versatile ground-based instruments, including the EISCAT incoherent 
scatter radars. We are looking for candidates with MSc degree in 
Physics, Space Physics, Computational Physics or a closely related 
field. Experience in programming and earlier studies in Space Physics 
are an advantage.

To apply, please see the full job description and use the electronic 
application form in 
Further information can be obtained from Dr. Heikki Vanhamaki 
(heikki.vanhamaki(at)oulu.fi) or Prof. Anita Aikio 
(anita.aikio(at)oulu.fi). Application deadline is September 15, 2018 
(24:00 Finnish local time).

Dr. Heikki Vanhamäki
University of Oulu - Ionospheric Physics
email: heikki.vanhamaki at oulu.fi

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