CEDAR email: JGR special issue: Long-term changes and trends in the middle and upper atmosphere

Jia Yue jiayue at umd.edu
Fri Jul 20 09:25:42 MDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

     Please consider submitting your work to the JGR Atmosphere-Space
Physics special issue: Long term changes and trends in the middle and upper
     First manuscript for peer review: 15 August 2018
     Date last manuscript should be submitted for peer review: 31 January
     Special section organizers: Jia Yue, Tao Li, Shunrong Zhang, Liying
Qian, Jan Lastovicka

     The section description is as follows:

    This special issue is inspired by the recent 10th Trend Workshop in May
2018, but is open to all relevant submissions. Long-term changes to Earth’s
middle and upper atmosphere are becoming more and more relevant to the
future of our world and it is paramount that we quantify and understand
changes occurring at all levels within the coupled atmospheric system. The
increasing concentration of greenhouse gases, stratospheric ozone
depletion, varying solar and geomagnetic activity, secular change of
Earth’s magnetic field, and changing dynamics propagating up from the
troposphere are some of the possible causes of long-term changes in the
stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere. The goals of this
workshop are to review the current state of knowledge about trends in these
atmospheric regions, and to discuss what research is necessary for
resolving inconsistencies, reducing uncertainties, and achieving a deeper
understanding of middle and upper atmospheric climate change – especially
the relative influences of anthropogenic and solar effects. Topics on
long-term variations of the middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere such
as QBO, ENSO, MJO are all welcomed.

    Jia Yue
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