CEDAR email: CEDAR 2017 Session: Developing Strategies for Enhancing CEDAR Science in Student Research, Curriculum, and General Outreach

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Fri May 26 17:17:44 MDT 2017

Hello All,

We invite you to join the "*Developing Strategies for Enhancing CEDAR
Science in Student Research, Curriculum, and General Outreach*" workshop
taking place at CEDAR 2017. Please let us know if you would like to give a
short presentation.

*The CEDAR community is widely known to put a strong emphasis on including
its student members in its activities, and this is best demonstrated in the
high quality (and numbers) of student presentations at each CEDAR
conference. The goal of this workshop is to consider how we as a community
could improve the training of future CEDAR scientists, as well as science
literacy on a national and global scale. This workshop will consist of
short presentations and discussions among educators (teachers and advisers)
and students (undergraduate and graduate) regarding how we can enhance
CEDAR science in both the education system and on a larger scale. It is a
goal to have this to be an annual event where we exchange experiences
including but not limited to:*

*• Best practices for mentoring student research (action plans, milestones,
assessments etc.)*

*• Implementation of research activities into the curriculum.*

*• Sharing of curriculum development.*

*• Increase preparedness of undergraduate students towards graduate careers
in CEDAR science.*

*• Improve student and public outreach activities*

*• Utilize other NSF programs to expand educational efforts.*

*• Public outreach relating to misconceptions on CEDAR science topics of
high importance to public well-being (such as climate change).*

*We see this workshop as both a place to learn about innovative teaching
practices and to gain feedback from colleagues about new ideas and teaching

*Conveners:* L. V. Goodwin, K. Nielsen, and S. M. Nossal.

For more information, please visit: http://cedarweb.vsp.
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