CEDAR email: AGU session on storm-time geospace (SM018)

Viacheslav G. Merkin merkivg1 at outermail.jhuapl.edu
Mon Jul 10 23:36:16 MDT 2017

From: Slava Merkin(Slava.Merkin at jhuapl.edu), Matina Gkioulidou, William
Lotko, Harlan Spence

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our session “Toward a comprehensive
understanding of the storm-time geospace” at the upcoming Fall AGU.

Session ID: 26466
Session Title: SM018. Toward a comprehensive understanding of the
storm-time geospace
Section/Focus Group: SPA-Magnetospheric Physics
Session Viewer Link:

Despite decades of research, multitude of spacecraft missions and advances
in theory and simulations, comprehensive understanding of the storm-time
geospace is still elusive. We know that many regions and plasma
populations of the magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere get activated
during disturbed conditions, e.g., the ring current, high- and
mid-latitude ionosphere electrodynamics, ionospheric mass outflow,
magnetotail convection, injections, and substorms. Each of these processes
and, in some cases, their coupling has been a subject of vigorous
investigation. However, comprehensive understanding requires studying them
as parts of a complex interconnected system with strong feedback loops
between all of the components. This session solicits presentations that
attempt such a systems-level exploration of the storm-time geospace with
the emphasis on the interconnectedness of the components. All types of
investigations are welcome, including data analysis, theory, modeling, and
particularly approaches that utilize these methods in a concerted fashion.

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