CEDAR email: Joint GEM/CEDAR session: Influence of exosphere composition on the plasmasphere

krall jonathan.krall at nrl.navy.mil
Tue May 17 14:31:55 MDT 2016

We are seeking participation in our Joint GEM/CEDAR session: What is the 
composition of the exosphere and how does it influence the topside 
ionosphere and plasmasphere?


Monday 6/20, 4-6 pm

Interesting topics include:
- Are models that extend the thermosphere into the exosphere correct?
- Why is hydrogen important to our understanding of geospace?
- How best to measure the composition of the exosphere?
- How does the composition of the exosphere affect the topside 
ionosphere and plasmasphere?
- How does the influence of the exosphere vary with the solar cycle?
- How much H is in the exosphere and what is its affect?
- What is the state of thermosphere/exosphere/ionosphere/plasmasphere 
- What is the state of thermosphere/exosphere modeling?
- Where does H/O+ charge exchange happen?

Interested parties please contact:

Jonathan Krall: jonathan.krall at nrl.navy.mil
Alan Burns: aburns at ucar.edu
Sarah McDonald: sarah.mcdonald at nrl.navy.mil
John Emmert: john.emmert at nrl.navy.mil
Fabrizio Sassi: fabrizio.sassi at nrl.navy.mil

Thanks for your consideration.

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