CEDAR email: Invitation to a joint GEM-CEDAR session "Magnetospheric energy input and its role in the MIT coupling"

Connor, Hyunju K. (GSFC-674.0)[Science Collaborator] hyunju.k.connor at nasa.gov
Thu May 19 08:23:29 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to a joint GEM-CEDAR session titled “Magnetospheric energy input and its role in the magnetosphere – ionosphere - thermosphere coupling”.  Our two 2hr sessions are scheduled at 1:30 – 3:30pm on Jun 21 (Tuesday) and at 1:30 – 3:30pm on Jun 22 (Wednesday) in Zia Ballroom, Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM.
The session details can be found at the following website: http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/2016_Workshop:MIT_Coupling_Drivers_and_Impacts
The list of confirmed speakers and their tentative titles is as follows in alphabetical order. We encourage scientists in related fields of our speakers to participate our session, share recent research efforts, and foster discussion for better understanding the M-I-T coupling drivers and impacts.

1.     Hyunju Connor: The role of superthermal electron MI coupling physics in the calculation of ionospheric conductance.

2.     Yue Deng: Poynting flux and particle precipitation in the high-latitudes during geomagnetic storms

3.     Cheryl Huang: Small-scale effects during magnetic storms

4.     Kyoung-Joo Hwang: KH Vortex-generated field-aligned currents

5.     Joseph Jensen: Can Particle Precipitation in the Ionosphere Affect the Magnetic Reconnection Rate?

6.     Steven Kaeppler:  TBD

7.     George Khazanov: SE coupling in the region of diffuse aurora.

8.     Delores Knipp: Updated estimates of global energy deposition to the upper atmosphere

9.     Haje Korth: Storm-time large-scale Birkeland currents: Comparison of AMPERE observations with model results

10.  Gang Lu: Partitioning of high-latitude energy input: Polar cap vs. Auroral zone

11.  Tomoko Matsuo: AMIE NextGen - extending capabilities for the assimilative mapping of ionospheric electrodynamics (AMIE) procedure

12.  Ryan Mcgranaghan: Improved global ionospheric conductivity specification via data assimilative techniques

13.  Chigomezyo Ngwira : Multi-instrument analysis of surface geoelectric field drivers

14.  Denny Oliveira: Superposed epoch analysis of the thermosphere time response to geomagnetic storms

15.  Roger Varney: TBD (Ion outflow and MI coupling)

16.  Olga Verkhoglyadova: Comparison of IT responses to complex solar wind driving during March storms in 2013 and 2015

17.  Bin Zhang: TBD

18.  Yongliang Zhang: Auroral features from FUV observations

Best regards,
Hyunju Connor, Cheryl Huang, Yanshi Huang, Haje Korth, Gang Lu, Binzheng Zhang.
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