CEDAR email: Scientific discovery enabled through Networked Instrumentation Session at CEDAR

Asti Bhatt asti.bhatt at sri.com
Tue May 17 14:31:30 MDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting to the CEDAR session "*Scientific discovery 
enabled through networked instrumentation*" on *Thursday*, June 23, 
*4:00-6:00 PM* in the *Zia room of El Dorado*. This session will focus 
on global scale science achieved through data from networks of 
heterogeneous ground-based instruments.

Observations of the upper atmosphere using ground-based networked 
instrumentation allow multiple locations to be monitored simultaneously 
to capture system dynamics on a large scale. When these networks are 
established for an extended period of time, the data can be examined for 
temporal patterns as well as being available for random events such as 
large solar disturbances, which are less likely to be measured in a 
short-term campaign. In aeronomy and magnetospheric sciences, such 
networks provide the insight and validation required to understand 
global-scale processes such as TIDs, the transport of energy during 
storm periods, vertical coupling between different atmospheric regions, 
along with associated global-scale variability.

In this session, we will explore recent results from existing networked 
instrumentation, discuss the science enabled by observations of 
large-scale processes, brainstorm new observational networks, and invite 
the modeling community to put forth the type of large-scale observations 
required to improve their research. Please send an email to the session 
conveners if you would like to present your research.

Session conveners: Asti Bhatt (asti.bhatt at sri.com) Elizabeth Kendall 
(elizabeth.kendall at sri.com)

Thank you,
Asti Bhatt and Elizabeth Kendall

Asti Bhatt
Center for Geospace Studies
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone # +1-650-859-3424

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