CEDAR email: 12th Annual Polar Technology Conference

Todd Valentic todd.valentic at sri.com
Thu Feb 11 16:46:39 MST 2016

12th Annual Polar Technology Conference
21-22 March 2016
Denver, Colorado, USA

Dear colleagues,

The 12th annual Polar Technology Conference will be hosted at the
Polar Field Services (PFS) headquarters in Littleton, Colorado,
from March 21-22, 2016.

This conference brings together polar scientists, engineers and
technology developers in a forum to exchange information. ideas and
solutions on deploying research systems in polar environments. Topics
include instrumentation, facilities, unmanned autonomous vehicles,
communications, power systems, traverses and buoys.

The exchange of knowledge helps to address issues of design,
implementation and deployment for systems in the extreme environments
seen at the poles. Learn what works, and just as important, what fails.

Past participants have come from the private sector, state and federal
agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academia. Presentations
cover system requirements for proposed research along with
descriptions of systems and approaches that have been proven in polar
deployments.  Typical hardware and software topics have included weather
stations, robotics, power systems, telemetry, and remote communications.
The scale of systems ranges from small autonomous data collection systems
to large scale research stations. The polar venues represented include under,
on, and above the ice, tundra, or sea.

Informal breaks allow for opportunities for networking and information
exchange. A poster session is also included.  We are pleased to have
support from the National Science Foundation's Division of Polar Programs
as an endorsement of the concept of bringing together providers and
consumers of these technologies in hopes of benefiting from that synergy.
Previous years' lists of presentations and participants can be found on
the conference website.

To register for the conference or submit an abstract for presentation,
please visit:


E-mail questions to register at polartechnologyconference.org


Dr. Todd Valentic, on behalf of the PTC steering committee

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