CEDAR email: Sample GPS Energetic Particle Data Now Available

William Denig - NOAA Federal william.denig at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 3 10:28:16 MST 2016

Dear Colleagues

Today, NOAA is announcing the release of energetic particle data from 
Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. The sample dataset is from 
05-January to 01-February 2014 which includes a period of heightened 
space weather (including two solar proton events). The processed GPS 
data have been provided by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and made 
available through the NOAA National Centers for Environmental 
Information. Access to the data is provided via Data.gov (search: 
“Global Positioning System (GPS) Energetic Particle Data”) or directly 
Questions regarding the use and format of the data can be addressed to 
John Sullivan (Sullivan at lanl.gov). Feedback on the data can be 
addressed to Matt Heavner (Matthew_J_Heavner at ostp.eop.gov).

William (Bill) Denig
NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information
325 Broadway E/NE4, Boulder, Colorado  80305-3337  U.S.A.
Phone: 303 497-6323

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