CEDAR email: CEDAR Workshop session on Lightning Effects in the Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Bob Marshall ram80 at stanford.edu
Mon May 25 15:19:41 MDT 2015

As a late addition to the CEDAR schedule, we are pleased to announce the
workshop session:

*Lightning and thunderstorm effects in the mesosphere and ionosphere*
Wednesday, 24 June 2015, 1:30 - 3:30 pm


This workshop focuses on the effects of lightning in the atmosphere and
ionosphere and the coupling of energy due to lightning and thunderstorms
into and through the ionosphere. Lightning electromagnetic (EM) and
electrostatic (ES) fields are responsible for producing Transient Luminous
Events such as sprites, elves, and gigantic jets, and produces collisional
heating of the lower ionosphere. Lightning also produces Terrestrial
Gamma-Ray Flashes, the most energetic photons produced on Earth, which are
detected from spacecraft. Furthermore, the EM energy couples through the
lower ionosphere and into the upper ionosphere and magnetosphere. Gravity
waves (GWs) and acoustic waves (AWs) generated by the thunderstorm also
affect the mesosphere and ionosphere. To address the outstanding questions
currently under investigation in this field, this workshop will include
short talks covering all of the aspects of
thunderstorm-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling, including TLEs, TGFs, GWs,
AWs, effects on the lower ionosphere, and coupling into the upper
ionosphere. The workshop will also include discussion of the major
outstanding questions in this field.

The session will consist of roughly 10-minute contributed talks on all
aspects described above. Please e-mail the organizers below to request a
speaking slot.

Robert A. Marshall, Stanford University, ram80 at stanford.edu
Erin Lay, Los Alamos National Laboratory, elay at lanl.gov


Dr. Robert A. Marshall
Engineering Research Associate
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Stanford University
350 Serra Mall, Room 309
Stanford, CA 94305
office: 650-723-3531
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