CEDAR email: 2015 CEDAR Poster abstracts due Friday May 15!

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Wed May 13 18:25:01 MDT 2015

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(1) 2015 CEDAR Abstracts due Friday May 15 (Very Soon!).

>From Barbara Emery (emery at ucar.edu).

We currently have just over 100 registrants for the 2015 CEDAR Workshop in
about half students and half non-students.  We can fund a little over 100
so we encourage students to register soon.

Students need to present a poster to receive funding, and they incur a late
fee of $75
starting Monday May 18.

All participants who want to present a poster need to register by May 15
since abstracts
are due Friday May 15 and are submitted via the registration form.

Those planning a poster, please choose on the form to present 1 or more
posters rather
than 'none', since adding a poster later with 'none' requires intervention
of either
Kendra (kgreb at ucar.edu) or Michelle (mmccamb at ucar.edu) to correct your
record.  You
should be able to change your abstract and author list etc
up to when the poster booklets are prepared (~June 1), but a title and
categories to sort
them in MLT or IT sections are necessary.  The CSSC judges will start
sorting the posters
into the MLT (Tuesday) or IT (Wednesday) sessions and into other sections
within these
broader categories in about a week.

Students can only have 1 poster judged, so if they have 2, they need to
specify which
poster to be judged.

We hope to see lots of registrations come in soon!
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