CEDAR email: International Workshop and School on solar system plasma turbulence, intermittency and multifractals (STORM 2015)

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“International Workshop and School on solar system plasma turbulence,
intermittency and multifractals (STORM 2015)”, Mamaia, ROMANIA,September
06-13, 2015

Deadline for submitting abstracts: June 15, 2015
Deadline for support applications: June 15, 2015

As widely documented by in-situ satellite measurements and remote or
ground-based observations, turbulence, intermittency and dynamical
complexity are quite ubiquitous processes observed in the dynamics of
solar, planetary and interplanetary plasmas, as well as in the dynamical
evolution of proxies linked to magnetospheric and ionospheric variability.
Observational, numerical and theoretical studies of solar system plasmas
raised fundamental scientific questions like: How is the turbulent energy
transferred between scales? What is  the role of coherent structures and
boundaries for the structure of turbulence? Which are the mechanisms
ensuring the energy dissipation? Which are the sources of intermittency and
their role for turbulence structure? What is the role of turbulence for the
coupling between the solar wind and the planetary plasma environments?

Unfolding the spatio-temporal structure of magnetic field and plasma
fluctuations from experimental observations and numerical simulations
provides further insight on the structure of plasma turbulence and
intermittency. On the theoretical side, the understanding of such complex
dynamical behaviour cannot be simply surmised from the basic fluid/kinetic
equations, but instead requires novel theoretical, experimental and data
analysis approaches.

The event is organized as a series of daily tutorial lectures followed by
invited and contributed talks.

The workshop focus on quantitative experimental, theoretical and numerical
assessment of turbulence, intermittency, fractal/multifractal features,
waves and coherent structures interaction, criticality and non-linear
cross-scale coupling. The lectures focus on fundamental plasma turbulence
and waves, the micro-/macro- structure and turbulence of the solar wind,
the nonlinear dynamics of the planetary magnetospheres and geomagnetic
field, the in-situ investigation of solar system plasmas, the analysis
techniques adapted for turbulence and intermittency, the numerical
simulations for space plasma dynamics.

Limited funding is available to support Graduate, Ph. D. students, and
young postdoctoral scientists interested in the analysis and understanding
of solar system plasma turbulence, intermittency and multifractals. The
application forms are available from the workshop's web page.

Preliminary list of confirmed lecturers: Roberto Bruno (INAF, Italy), Tom
Chang (MIT, USA), Giuseppe Consolini (INAF, Italy), Jay Johnson (PPPL,
USA), Giovanni Lapenta (KU Leuven, Belgium), ATY Lui (JHU-APL, USA),
Wieslaw Macek (Univ. Warsaw, Poland), Eckart Marsch (CA Univ. Kiel,
Germany), Bruce Tsurutani (NASA-JPL, USA).

Workshop and School web page:

Sponsoring institutions: European Framework Programme through the FP7
Project STORM, European Geosciences Union (EGU).
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