CEDAR email: Deadline for early bird registration: 23 Oct 2014, IMC III workshop March 23-27, UCLA

Yuri Shprits shprits at mit.edu
Fri Oct 3 09:40:59 MDT 2014

The third Inner Magnetosphere Coupling (IMC-III) workshop will be held at
the University of California, Los Angeles on March 23 – 27 (Monday –Friday),
2015. The IMC-III workshop will bring together researchers to examine and
discuss the strongly coupled inner magnetospheric system and how
disturbances from the Sun can propagate to the inner magnetosphere,
radically altering the plasma and wave distributions, and ultimately
influence the ionosphere and upper atmosphere. The meeting will follow the
format of the previous two IMC meetings (IMC-I in Espoo, Finland in 2008 and
IMC-II at UCLA in 2012) and will be organized around a set of discussion
topics each led by discussion leaders. The workshop focuses on open and
informal discussion, with each speaker's presentation being followed by an
equal length discussion time.

The meeting website is located at: http://www.i-mp.org/conference/i-mp_2015/

Deadline for early bird registration: 23 Oct 2014
Deadline for regular registration: 20 Dec 2014
Deadline for abstracts: 20 Dec 2014

Mark Moldwin, Ramona Kessel

Solar wind and magnetosphere: D. Baker, T. Pulkkinen
Plasmasphere, ring current, and radiation belts: M. Chen, M. Liemohn
Plasma and magnetic field: C. Lemon, V. Jordanova
Waves in plasma: N. Meredith,  W. Li
Plasma sheet injections: B. Lavraud, M. Gkioulidou
Combining models and observations: M. Hudson, S. Elkington
Innovative methods for data analysis: D. Turner, S. Claudepierre
Mission Synergy: Y. Miyoshi, A. Runov,  H. Spence
Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Magnetosphere: M. Moldwin,  D. Welling
Space Weather and Applications: J. Green, M. Wiltberger

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