CEDAR email: Postdoc position in atmospheric/space physics at UoB, Norway

Hilde Nesse Tyssoy Hilde.Nesse at ift.uib.no
Fri Oct 3 01:33:38 MDT 2014

Postdoctoral fellow in atmospheric sciences at the Birkeland Centre for 
Space Science

At the Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen (UoB) 
in Norway, a 3-year position as postdoctoral fellows in atmospheric 
sciences/space physics is available from January 1, 2015. The position 
will be part of the Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS).

The Postdoctoral Fellow will be part of a group in BCSS that explores 
how energetic particle precipitation can affect the chemistry and 
dynamics of the upper atmosphere in the polar region. The successful 
candidate should have solid knowledge as well as experience with data 
analysis and/or modeling in one or both of these fields:

- Chemical effects produced by energetic particle precipitation in the 
middle atmosphere (50-100 km)
- Dynamics of the middle atmosphere (50-100 km) at high latitudes

The candidate should have good programming skills, and speak and write 
English fluently. The candidate should have
a PhD in Atmospheric Science, Space Physics, or a related field.

The work place will be at UoB in Bergen, Norway. A project and a 
progress plan will be written in cooperation with the project leader on 

Starting salary on grade 57 (code 1352/pay framework 24.1) in the Civil 
Service pay grade table; currently NOK 482,800 gross p.a. Full text of 
announcement can be found and submission of application should be made 

For any questions contact Professor Nikolai Østgaard, 
Nikolai.Ostgaard at ift.uib.no, or group leader Dr. Hilde Nesse Tyssøy, 
Hilde.Tyssoy at ift.uib.no.

Closing date for applications: November 1, 2014

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