CEDAR email: Search for New Editor-in-Chief of Space Weather Journal

Judith Lean judith.lean at nrl.navy.mil
Mon Feb 24 10:45:23 MST 2014

AGU is searching for a new Editor-in-Chief for the Space Weather Journal and Quarterly. Information about the search is posted on the AGU web site at http://publications.agu.org/files/2014/02/EiC-ad-SW.pdf. Interested scientists are asked to submit a Letter of Interest by 7th March 2014, but AGU is extending this deadline two weeks.

Space Weather commenced publication ten years again, in 2013. Under the expert leadership of Dr. Louis Lanzerotti, and with a focus on both the research and impacts of space weather, it has become a beloved and unique journal for the aeronomy, space science, heliospheric and solar communities.

The new Editor-in-Chief will have the responsibility of selecting additional Editors, and guiding the Space Weather Journal and Quarterly into the digital future. If you might be interested in this opportunity, or know of colleagues who might be suitable, please consider submitting a Letter of Interest to AGU, or encouraging your colleagues to do so. The Search Committee for the Space Weather Editor-in-Chief will be soliciting and interviewing potential candidates over the next month or so, and would love to hear from you!

Judith Lean

Search Committee Chair
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