CEDAR email: 2014 LWS Science Mtg -- Nov. 3-6, 2014 -- Portland, OR

Vanessa George Vanessa.George at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Feb 20 13:07:42 MST 2014

2014 Living With a Star (LWS) Science Meeting:
"Evolving Solar Activity and Its Influence on Space and Earth"
Nov. 3-6, 2014  *  Portland, Oregon


The 2014 Living with a Star (LWS) Science Meeting will focus on advancing the understanding of the integral system coupling the Sun to the Earth.  An important part of this meeting is the inclusion of the Hinode-8 and IRIS-2 meetings with complementary objectives towards improved understanding of the evolving solar activity.

The sessions planned for this meeting focus on coupling throughout the heliosphere and are science themes common to many heliophysics disciplines:

*  Evolving Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Instabilities, Magnetic Reconnection

*  Dynamics of Energetic Particles, Wave-Particle Interactions, Shocks, and Turbulence

*  Evolving Coronal Mass Ejections through the Heliosphere and into Geospace

*  Ion-Neutral Interactions within Earth's Atmosphere and the Solar Atmosphere

*  Energetics of Heliosphere and Magnetosphere Interactions

*  Origins of Solar Magnetic Fields, Variability and Effects at Earth

*  Modeling and Forecasting Space Climate and Space Weather Events

Important Deadlines:
Abstract:  August 1, 2014
Student/Post-doc Travel Application:  August 1, 2014
Pre-Registration:  October 3, 2014
Hotel Reservation:  October 3, 2014

Vanessa George
LASP, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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