CEDAR email: SPARC Award Nomination Request

Wawro, Martha L. (GSFC-671.0)[ADNET SYSTEMS INC] martha.l.wawro at nasa.gov
Thu Feb 20 09:46:32 MST 2014

The AGU Space Physics Aeronomy (SPA) Education and Outreach group is seeking nominations for the SPA Richard Carrington (SPARC) Education and Public Outreach award.  The SPARC award was established in 2012, and is presented annually to an individual who has had a significant and outstanding impact on students’ and the public’s understanding of our science through their education and/or outreach activities.

Eligible nominees must be AGU members with significant and far-reaching impact in the education of students’ or the public’s understanding of space physics and aeronomy science – exhibiting an effort that goes well beyond their particular job title. The nominations are due by April 15, 2014.  More information and nominating instructions can be found at the AGU Honors Program page http://ow.ly/knHM0

Thank you very much,
Martha Wawro
Chair SPA EPO Committee
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