CEDAR email: [MST14/iMST1] Deadline for abstract submission postponed to Feb. 28, 2014

Clezio M. De Nardin clezio.denardin at inpe.br
Thu Feb 13 05:09:12 MST 2014

Dear colleagues

As you know, iMST14 is fast approaching.  We have had several requests to 
extend the deadline, as many people are very busy right now (as are we 
all!). We have therefore agreed to extend the deadline to 18 Feb.

We have an exciting program planned, with a wide variety of topics and 
some exciting guest and invited speakers, as well as a comprehensive 
tutorial program for students and those new to the various fields.

We also expect to have an comprehensive list of invited speakers and 
contributed papers from all the fields cover in this workshop, which 
may include:
	Andreas Muschinski
	Bob Robinson
	David Hysell
	Edwin Campos
	Erdal Yigit
	Erhan Kudeki
	Fabiano Rodrigues
	Gunter Stober
	Ilkka Virtanen
	J. P. St Maurice
	Jens Oberheide
	John Mathews
	John Plane
	Juha Vierinen
	Julio Urbina
	Jurgen Röttger
	Larisa P Goncharenko
	Lehmann Volker
	Luiz A. T. Machado
	Masaki Tsutsumi
	Masayuki K Yamamoto
	Nimalan Swarnalingam 
	Patricia Franke
	Rob Weryk
	Thomas Ulish
	Xiong Hu
	Yong Ha Kim
	Yuichi Otsuka

Please, check it out at www.inpe.br/spaceweather/MST14/

We hope to see you in Sao Jose dos Campos!

Clezio Marcos De Nardin
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
Co-Chair of the International Steering Committee

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