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Moretto Jorgensen, Therese TJorgens at nsf.gov
Mon Feb 10 14:31:30 MST 2014

News from the NSF Cubesat program:

1) The updated solicitation (NSF 14-535) for Cubesat proposals has been posted on the NSF web-site:
The next deadline for proposals is May 7, 2014.

2) A status report has been compiled that describes the projects and activities during the first 5 years of the program.  It can be downloaded here:
http://www.nsf.gov/geo/ags/uars/cubesat/nsf-nasa-annual-report-cubesat-2013.pdf  <http://www.nsf.gov/geo/ags/uars/cubesat/nsf-nasa-annual-report-cubesat-2013.pdf>

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