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Fri Feb 7 11:07:47 MST 2014

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(1) Call for papers due 11 Feb: AOGS 11th meeting Supporo, Japan (28 
July – 01 Aug 2014).
 From shikha.raizada at sri.com.

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to 11th AOGS meeting in Supporo, Japan (28 
July – 01 Aug 2014). More details can be found on the website: 

Last date for abstract submission is 11 February 2014. Please see the 
details regarding Planetary Sciences (PS18) session:

Section PS18 :
Session Title: Exploration and Science of Atmosphere of the Earth and other
Planets: General Session
Main Convener(s) Dr. Som Kumar Sharma (Physical Research Laboratory,
India), somkumar at prl.res.in

Co-convener(s) Dr. Shikha Raizada (Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico, 
USA), shikha.raizada at sri.com

Dr. Harish Gadhavi (National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, India),
harish.gadhavi at gmail.com
Dr. P K Rajesh (National Central University, Taiwan), pkrgere at gmail.com
Prof. Kandula Niranjan (Andhra University, India),
niranjankandula at hotmail.com

Session Description:  Studying the science of terrestrial and other
planets, not only increase our understanding of other planetary bodies but
these studies also contributes to our understanding of fundamental
scientific problems. This session will focus on the concepts of
interdisciplinary and general studies of terrestrial and planetary
atmospheres and ionospheres along with the environmental, geological, and
potential biological conditions on other planetary bodies. Studies focused
on, Earths and planetary atmosphere and ionospheres, and exploration
science, tools and techniques including instrument development for
ground-based studies and along with in-situ and onboard deployable tools
and techniques and their testing and calibrations. In the main scientific
themes study on the atmosphere and ionospheres of the Earth and other
planets, coupling process and atmospheric dynamics, variations in vital
constituents viz., density, temperature and pressure. Issues and studies
based on various trace species as ozone, methane, etc., will also play an
important role in this proposed session.

Studies based on the development of various instruments (for remote
sensing as well as in-situ investigations) and challenges involved during
the journey of instrument development. Furthermore, research works which
explores, experimentally and/or theoretically, the origin and evolution of
life on the Earth and the potential for life outside it. Scientific works
based on the modeling activities of the Earth and other planetary
atmospheres and its comparison with the observations made by several
ground based (Lidar, Radar, Photometers, Spectrometers, etc.,) and
satellite based instruments.

This sessions will also involve the studies based on computer simulations
to demonstrate the Earth and planetary science concepts and explorations
of the atmosphere. Papers on techno-science driven studies and learning
techniques (a mix of science and technology) on above mentioned themes
will also be welcomed.

Shikha Raizada


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