CEDAR email: URSI 2014: G02: Ionosphere and Plasmasphere Electron Density Profiles

Lee-Anne McKinnell lmckinnell at sansa.org.za
Fri Feb 7 09:28:37 MST 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Session at URSI 2014

URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium in Beijing between 16 and 23 August 2014.
Full details are at http://www.chinaursigass.com/

Note the abstract deadline of 15 February 2014, and the early registration deadline of 14 May 2014.

G02: Ionosphere and Plasmasphere Electron Density Profiles
Conveners: Lee-Anne McKinnell, Dieter Bilitza, Bodo Reinisch
lmckinnell at sansa.org.za, dieter.bilitza-1 at nasa.gov, bodo.reinisch at digisonde.com

This session will emphasise the importance of ionosphere and plasmasphere electron density profiles in characterising the upper atmosphere from the bottomside through to the topside and plasmasphere. Measurements of ionospheric characteristics like hmF2 and NmF2 provide essential inputs for any model, but they are not sufficient to describe the global density distribution in the ionosphere up to the plasmasphere. Total Electron Content measurements from GNSS satellites on the other hand only provide integral information up to the satellite altitude. This session will review the current state of profile modeling covering both the ionosphere and plasmasphere. Presentations are solicited that discuss current modeling approaches and their global reliability, as well as future mission and measurement plans. The session will consist of invited, contributed, and poster presentations.

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