CEDAR email: CEDAR Email: More Student Speaker Volunteers Needed for the CEDAR/GEM Joint Student Workshop

Roger Varney rhv5 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 19 14:31:06 MDT 2011

Dear CEDAR Students,

We are still looking for student volunteers to give short (20 min) talks
during the student workshop on Sunday June 26 at the beginning of the
CEDAR/GEM joint workshop. Unlike previous CEDAR student workshop, this
year's joint student workshop is going to be open to students only and
consist entirely of student speakers. The five topics for which we still
need speakers are:

Geomagnetism and Geomagnetic Indices
Aurora: Ionospheric View (Someone who works with imagers would be
particularly good for this talk)
Ion Outflow
Geomagnetic Storms: Ionospheric View
Overview of Ionospheric Models

If you are interested in speaking during the student workshop on any of the
above topics, or some other topic which you think would be interesting to
both the CEDAR and GEM students, please email me at rhv5 at cornell.edu.

Thank you from your CEDAR student reps.,
Roger Varney and Elizabeth Bass
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