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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Asp-allocation [no description available]
Beachon [no description available]
Beachon-srm BEACHON - SRM-08
Biogeo [no description available]
Biogeosci [no description available]
Cdaac_data_users CDAAC Data Users
Ceoaf_advisor [no description available]
Ceoaf_member [no description available]
Ceoaf_observer [no description available]
Ceoaf_participant [no description available]
CESElist Coalition for Earth System Education
CognosBI Communication List for Cognos BI Users
Cowystats Colorado-Wyoming American Statisical Association List
Dailyb-doc CISL Daily Bulletin
Dart-dev Data Assimilation Research Testbed development notices
Dart-users Data Assimilation Research Testbed users
Drupal-Users-Group UCAR Drupal User's Group (UDUG)
Dtcda_news [no description available]
Ens-unreg_staff [no description available]
Es_jobs_net ES Job Announcement List
Esg-gateway-user [no description available]
FAB Communication list for FAB users
Geo-ed Geo-Ed community Discussion List
Grad-postdoc-assn Grad Student/Postdoc association
Gravity.waves [no description available]
Gsi_news DTC community GSI model announcements
Hearts-of-GOLD Participants in the NSF GOLD program "Hearts of Gold"
Hiaper-ao-ncar-advanced-notice Hiaper AO Advanced Notice List
Hss-admin [no description available]
Hss-instructors [no description available]
Hss-students [no description available]
Hss-teachers [no description available]
Iam-isp [no description available]
Iav-isp [no description available]
icoads_int ICOADS International Partners
icoads_usa ICOADS project USA partners
IFAS Communication List for IFAS Users
ISP ISP Staff Email Group
Isp-er ISP- External Relations events list
ISP-mc ISP Management Committee
LTR-announce Announcements for coupled LFM-TIEGCM-RCM models
macusers General discussion of Macintosh computers
magicdraw UCAR Users of MagicDraw UML modeling tool
Management [no description available]
MetricsDbase MetricsDbase mailing list
Ml-massage EAC offered massage at Mesa
Mmtest [no description available]
mpas-developers MPAS Developers' mailing list
narccap-announce NARCCAP announcements and updates
narccap-discuss Discussion of NARCCAP data - uses and questions
ncits archive only list for email from NCITS
ncl-install NCL and NCAR Graphics installation email list
ncl-talk NCAR Command Language User Group
nclpy-group [no description available]
Notify-doc [no description available]
Nsa NSA Announcement List
NSAG NCAR System Administrator's Group
Pcmacsag PC/MAC System Administrator's Group
polynya-announce [no description available]
polynya-users [no description available]
projectmgt Project Management software resources
pyngl-talk PyNGL/PyNIO User Group
RD_Mailing_List 2013 R&D Survey
Rda-users RDA user discussion group
Scdnews SCD Weekly News
Science_ac [no description available]
SEA UCAR Software Engineering Assembly
Seminars [no description available]
Sski2008 [no description available]
Stoch Stochastic Parameterizations and Modelling
tcdp-flight-news News about the Flight Level Dataset
tcdp-historical-news News about the Historical Database
tcdp-quikscat-news News about the QuikSCAT Dataset
tcdp-vdm-news News about the VDM+ Dataset
Tiimes-extended TIIMES staff and projects
Tiimes-staff TIIMES staff
Ucar_visitors-postdocs [no description available]
Utls [no description available]
Vemap_users egetation/Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project
VSTO-support [no description available]
Vul-annex vulnerabilities annex email list
Water_sys [no description available]
Water_system [no description available]
Wcw-isp [no description available]
Weather_climate [no description available]
Wiki Get weekly tips for using the Confluence wiki
Wrf-news WRF model announcements

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