[Wrf-users] ARWpost for GrADS application

Jason Padovani Ginies jpad0001 at um.edu.mt
Thu Nov 10 12:08:19 MST 2011

Dear wrf-users,

I am having trouble compiling ARWposts. When I try to compile I get lots of
error messages looking like this:
input_module.f:(.text+0x40f): undefined reference to `ncvgt_'*

and eventually are confronted with a final error message saying:

*make: [ARWpost.exe] Error 1 (ignored)

*Some research has led me to believe that the netCDF on the system might
causing this problem and that I might have to re-compile that
Is there any way to go around this perhaps another method of converting wrf
output in a format readable by GrADS?

Kind regards,

Jason Padovani Ginies
Final Year B.Sc. student
Department of Physics
University of Malta
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