[Wrf-users] STOP: LON outside domain

Ehsan Beigi ebeigi3 at tigers.lsu.edu
Wed Nov 9 21:33:55 MST 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

i am using read_wrf_nc to extract time series of  variables from wrfout
file, but when i use this command :
./read_wrf_nc wrfout_d01_2000-01-25_12\:00\:00 -ts ll 30 -90 T2 RAINC
RAINNC -lev 1

i get this error "STOP: LON outside domain"  ,  i tested that with a range
of lat and lon , but every time i get the same error.could anyone help me
with that please?

Best Regards,

Ehsan Beigi

*Ehsan Beigi*
*PhD Student*
*Department of Civil and and Environmental Engineering
2408 Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA, 70803*
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