[Wrf-users] Write specific output data at each time step

Brian Etherton betherto at renci.org
Fri Dec 3 11:11:41 MST 2010

Hi there,

I have done this!  You have to go into the Resigtry, edit it, recompile WRF.  With the edits, you get more than one output file.  These other output files are 'auxiliary history' (auxhist, for short) files.  For me, I use this auxhist capacity to make outputs of surface wind every 15-minutes.

For example, for "LU_INDEX", I have edited Registry in this way:

state    real  LU_INDEX         ij      misc        1         -     i012rh01d=(interp_fcnm)u=(copy_fcnm)   "LU_INDEX"              "LAND USE CATEGORY"         "

The trick is "i012rh01d".  The "h" refers to the history file, the output.  0 is the default "wrfout_d01...", but 1 is an addition.
Anything in the registry which has h01 will be written out to both wrfout and to auxhist1.  So, with my edit "LU_INDEX" ends up in wrfout and the auxhist1 file.  You can make auxhist1, auxhist2, and so on.

Then, in the namelist.input, I have this, just before "&domains", I added this:

 auxhist1_outname                    = "wind_d<domain>_<date>"
 frames_per_auxhist1                 = 1,
 auxhist1_interval                   = 15,

So, this auxhist file ends up named "wind_d01...", and is output every 15 minutes.

This is the basic idea.

Ciao, for now,
Brian E.

On Dec 2, 2010, at 8:35 PM, Huy Tran wrote:


I'm going to run WRF simulation for about one month in the time step of
4 seconds and write output data hourly. I do really want high temporal
resolution output data (i.e. every 4s) but don't have enormous storage
capacity to write all output at that frequency. So my question is what
should be the script and how to modify it to have WRF write out just a
specific variable (e.g. temperature) at each time step to an ascii file
(or netcdf or whatever format) while still writing all output data
hourly as normal?

Thank you in advance.

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