[Wrf-users] Query Reg the CApe and mcape.

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Fri Oct 29 00:09:32 MDT 2010

Dear All, 

I have one Query Reg the Available diagnostic output from WRF.

I want to analyse the thermodynamic parameters during a heavy rainfall event over a lerge REGION during pre monsoon season over India. 
the cape, cin, mcape and mcin are 4 diagnostic outputs from the WRF model. My doubt is that  

1. cape and cin are available at 19 levels (or whatever levels defined in the model) and mcape and mcin at at one level. 
2. As per the definition of cape and cin, it should be a unique value at a particular point and at a particular time.  So what is the difference between 
say cape at 1000hPa and Cape at 850hPa. 
cape          19  0  CAPE (J/kg)
cin           19  0  CIN (J/kg)
mcape          1  0  MCAPE (J/kg)
mcin           1  0  MCIN (J/kg)
lcl            1  0  LCL (meters AGL)
lfc            1  0  LFC (meters AGL)
@ global String comment TITLE =  OUTPUT

The Difference between the two is not Clear. 


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