[Wrf-users] request for CALWRF Version 1.3

Bart Brashers bbrashers at Environcorp.com
Tue Oct 26 12:32:37 MDT 2010

That was my posting.  As far as I know, TRC has still not released a
version of CALWRF that will work on WRF 3.x output.  Have you tried
emailing <http://www.src.com/profiles/asgmail1.htm>  Joe Scire or
Zhong-Xiang Wu directly, and asking for it?  If enough people ask for
it, they might post it.  I know that at least version 1.3 level 090914
exists.  They probably have an even newer version that would output the
necessary cloud info to run CALPUFF v6.302.


The EPA is sponsoring an alternative to CALWRF+CALMET, named MMIF (the
Mesoscale Model InterFace program).  It's in development, but will be a
while (6 months? 1 year?) before it has a chance of being released.




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Hi, All 

I download CALWRF Version 1.1 from TRC website
<http://www.src.com/calpuff/download/mod6_codes.htm> ), but it seems it
can't read WRF3.X output file directly. 
By searching on the website, someone says Version 1.3 had solved this
problem (http://mailman.ucar.edu/pipermail/wrf-users/2010/001532.html
<http://mailman.ucar.edu/pipermail/wrf-users/2010/001532.html> ). 
Can anyone who has this version program send a copy to me? Thanks. 


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