[Wrf-users] request for CALWRF Version 1.3

Kevin Matthew Nuss wrf at nusculus.com
Wed Oct 27 11:55:07 MDT 2010


Obviously, it's best to use released software from the people who wrote it,
but if you want the code that I used to fix the problem, I describe the
changes at the bottom of this page:


Or you can download the source code with my changes to CALWRF 1.1 from here:


Of course, I can't provide guarantees, but am willing to share this in case
you don't find a better solution.


On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Bart Brashers
<bbrashers at environcorp.com>wrote:

> That was my posting.  As far as I know, TRC has *still* not released a
> version of CALWRF that will work on WRF 3.x output.  Have you tried
> emailing <http://www.src.com/profiles/asgmail1.htm> Joe Scire or
> Zhong-Xiang Wu directly, and asking for it?  If enough people ask for it,
> they might post it.  I know that at least version 1.3 level 090914 exists.
> They probably have an even newer version that would output the necessary
> cloud info to run CALPUFF v6.302.
> The EPA is sponsoring an alternative to CALWRF+CALMET, named MMIF (the
> Mesoscale Model InterFace program).  It's in development, but will be a
> while (6 months? 1 year?) before it has a chance of being released.
> Bart
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> Hi, All
> I download CALWRF Version 1.1 from TRC website (
> http://www.src.com/calpuff/download/mod6_codes.htm), but it seems it can't
> read WRF3.X output file directly.
> By searching on the website, someone says Version 1.3 had solved this
> problem (http://mailman.ucar.edu/pipermail/wrf-users/2010/001532.html).
> Can anyone who has this version program send a copy to me? Thanks.
> Cheers,
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