[Wrf-users] WRF-DA 3.2.1 Compilation: NetCDF Issue

Gerardo Cisneros gcstoianowski at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 13:25:19 MDT 2010


You wrote:
> [...]
> Although the output log states that this is a NetCDF issue, i'm a bit
> skeptical since i'm using 2 different versions of NetCDF 3.6.3 (in different
> locations), that I successfully used in the compilation for WRF 3.2.

Skeptical you may be, but the log is correct.  Your very first
error message states:

> [...]
> da_get_times_cdf.inc:9: error: netcdf.inc: No such file or directory

This means that the all-important header file netcdf.inc isn't
being found by the compiler.  This is because the compilation
command is missing an option of the form -I/path-to-netcdf.../include

One example of your output that proves this assertion is the
> [...]
> pgf90 -c -fastsse -Mvect=noaltcode -Msmartalloc -Mprefetch=distance:8
> -Mfprelaxed  -w -Mfree -byteswapio   -r8 -i4 da_netcdf_interface.f
> [...]

As you can see, there is no -I option to tell pgf90 where it can
find the netcdf.inc file.  Your configuration file is missing a
NetCDF-related environment variable or macro definition that
is used to generate the necessary -I and -L options for the
compilation and linking commands, respectively.


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