[Wrf-users] Using different land use for different nested domains

. Vinodkumar vinodkumar at flinders.edu.au
Thu Sep 9 20:05:51 MDT 2010



I was trying to use the USGS land-use data for my coarser three domains, and
a custom land-use data for the finer three. As expected, I couldn't nestdown
because of 'NUM_LAND_CAT' mismatch. I reckon I should go back to WPS and use
the DOMAIN-3 wrfout* file to create met_em* files for finer domains. I was
wondering how can I do this. I saw a Vtable.ARW in WPS, which I presume is
for using wrfout files. Or am I wrong? If I am not, how will I convert the
wrfout netCDF files to GRIB2? Is there any scripts available?


Or is there any other way to get around the problem? Would love to hear
feedbacks / suggestions. Thank you for your time.






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