[Wrf-users] Terrestrial Dataset References

Matei Georgescu Matei.Georgescu at asu.edu
Mon Aug 30 14:22:41 MDT 2010

Good afternoon,

I ran a number of simulation experiments using the various global
terrestrial datasets that come with the WPS package. For example, rather
than using the Table Values I used the usemonalb = TRUE setting to make use
of the albedo data set.

I've looked online for references to these datasets (e.g. albedo, vegetation
fraction, LAI) but have come up pretty empty.  Does anybody know of the
source data used for the creation of the terrestrial datasets and/or have
any references handy?

thanks much,

Matei Georgescu, Ph.D.
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and
Center for Environmental Fluid Dynamics
Arizona State University
Phone: (480) 965-5479
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