[Wrf-users] using obsgridfor objective analyses fails in real.exe

Richard Ramaroson ramaroso at seas.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 22 22:10:56 MDT 2010

  Hi all

 I still have some problem to run for all WRF levels obsgrid.exe output
used as met_em for real.exe, it stopped after some itertaions (execution
 Following the users README document , after generating my met_oa_em from
obsgrid.exe using obs at all levels and at the surface (this last  one is
working) I mv copy the met_oa_em from obsgrid.exe to  met_em and run
real.exe to generate wrfxx et al.

 WhaT i noticed is that the global attributes in the netcdf files
(met_oa_em if using obs and met_em without obs) are not the same , there
are some extra lines for the met_oa_em from analysis . I dont  know if it
has an impact on real exe run when this programme tries to read this file
and making real.exe stopped.

 Any suggestion to solve this issue would be very much appreciated
 if you did encounter such a bug in the past

 I attached the headers of both files

Thanks in advance
Richard Ramaroson

SEAS Harvard University
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