[Wrf-users] Query Reg Surface wind speed and direction from WR F

Geeta Geeta geeta124 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 16 01:31:54 MDT 2010

Dear WRF Users. 
This is Query Reg Surface wind speed and direction from WRF. 
I am getting the U10 and V10 (the ROTATED wind components) as one of the diagnostics from WRF. I have used mercator projection for the domain. 
ws10 and wd10, are the Wind Speed (m s-1) and Direction (Degrees) at 10
M  is also available as one of the outputs. What is the Difference
between the two. 

Pls clarify how to compute the actual wind speed and direction at a particular point. 

I have plotted all the 3 variables ie, the U10 and V10, and wd10 (attatched wind.gif). 
ga-> d skip(U10,2,2);V10
ga-> c
ga-> set cint 20
cint = 20 
ga-> d wd10
Contouring: 20 to 340 interval 20 
ga-> d skip(U10,2,2);V10
ga-> printim wind.gif

I am unable to find any significant difference between the U10;V10 and the ws10 and wd10. 
Pls clarify this doubt. 

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