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In general we can use U10 and V10 for different meteorological variables other than wind speed and direction.
So you can use these U10 and V10 for drawing wind speed and direction
with the following formula.

wind speed:
d mag(U10,V10)

Wind vector:
d skip(U10,2,2);V10

As your post processed data already contain wind direction (WD10), you can use directly.
I think you should get the same value for WS10 an mag(U10,V10)

Hope, this helps.

On Tue, 17 Aug 2010 20:44:27 +0530  wrote
Dear WRF Users. 
This is Query Reg Surface wind speed and direction from WRF. 
I am getting the U10 and V10 (the ROTATED wind components) as one of the diagnostics from WRF. I have used mercator projection for the domain. 
ws10 and wd10, are the Wind Speed (m s-1) and Direction (Degrees) at 10
M is also available as one of the outputs. What is the Difference
between the two. 

Pls clarify how to compute the actual wind speed and direction at a particular point. 

I have plotted all the 3 variables ie, the U10 and V10, and wd10 (attatched wind.gif). 
ga-> d skip(U10,2,2);V10
ga-> c
ga-> set cint 20
cint = 20 
ga-> d wd10
Contouring: 20 to 340 interval 20 
ga-> d skip(U10,2,2);V10
ga-> printim wind.gif

I am unable to find any significant difference between the U10;V10 and the ws10 and wd10. 
Pls clarify this doubt. 



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