[Wrf-users] Queries about sharp discontinuity of Hydrological Variables

Kevin Matthew Nuss wrf at nusculus.com
Tue Aug 3 17:49:09 MDT 2010

The discontinuities in the runoffs and mixing ratio might be caused by the
strange soil moisture pattern.

Since the soil moisture is most disconinuous in the deepest layers, I would
first check the begining of the run to see if the incoming data used to
initialize soil moisture or soil properties is patchy rather than one of the
WRF LSMs or microphysics/cumulus schemes. It seems like the 15 day run might
be making bad data slightly better on the surface, rather than creating bad

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 10:45 AM, <mmkamal at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I ran WRF 3.1.1 for 15 days hind cast simulation with coarse grid
> horizontal resolution 8km over the domain North-east North America. I have
> used 3 nesting. When I tried to visualize the output I found a very sharp
> discontinuity in the Hydrological variable (e.g. Surface & Underground
> Runoff, Soil moisture & QV. I have used "R" and GrADS for visualization. I
> am attaching some PNG Image file of the Output variable.
> Would anybody can help me to overcome this problem.
> Thanks in advance
> Kamal
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