[Wrf-users] error while compilation of em_real in ubuntu

subba reddy subbabonthu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 12:39:28 MDT 2010

i am using ubuntu 9.10 version, trying to compile wrf in my system. But it
is showing some error during compilation

  * gfortran  -O3 -ftree-vectorize -ftree-loop-linear -funroll-loops -w
-ffree-form -ffree-line-length-none -fconvert=big-endian -frecord-marker=4
-o field_routines.o  -I/usr/local/netcdf-4.0.1/include -I../ioapi_share -c

  use wrf_data
Fatal Error: Can't open module file 'wrf_data.mod' for reading at (1): No
such file or directory
make[3]: [field_routines.o] Error 1 (ignored)
/bin/rm -f libwrfio_nf.a*

please help me to recognise the error and same compilation is working well
in fedora

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