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Kemp, Eric M (IS) ERIC.KEMP at ngc.com
Mon Mar 1 09:37:05 MST 2010

Dear WRF-Users:

There is a position opening up at Northrop Grumman for regional climate
downscaling with WRF.  Please see below for details.




Requisition for Applied Climate Scientist / Modeler  (Meteorologist 5)
As climate change receives increasing attention from the US Federal,
state & local governments as well from industry, the need for climate
adaptation has become evident. The ability to use and apply climate
model output to support decision making for adaptation purposes is today
an emerging business with a relatively immature capability. Northrop
Grumman Information Systems is developing a climate change/adaptation
program geared toward developing and maturing a regional climate
modeling and critical decision aid capability. This will allow users to
make critical decisions on climate impacts that may be felt decades from

Qualifications and Experience:

The candidate will have an advanced degree (preferably a Ph.D.) in the
atmospheric or earth sciences with hands on experience of at least three
years in the area of climate modeling and/or regional downscaling
modeling. The ideal candidate will have direct experience using the
Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model or other climate
downscaling models driven by IPCC and reanalysis output to investigate
regional climate impacts. Experience with any of the IPCC models
including CCSM is an advantage. The candidate will have experience in
analyzing output and 
performing validation in regional climate models.  The candidate will
have experience running models within a High Performance Computing (HPC)
environment and direct programming experience in one or more of the
following languages: C / C++, FORTRAN90, python, MATLAB.  

Job Description:
The candidate will develop a regional downscaling capability over
specified areas using a set of Regional Climate Models and the IPCC
models. The candidate will create future scenarios out to several
decades in the future. The candidate will interpret results through
comparisons to current scenarios. In addition, the candidate will be
involved in developing custom decision aids to support defined user
applications. The candidate will actively participate with our research
partners within the US government (i.e., NASA / NOAA), industry and
academia to improve on climate downscaling technologies.

Position is located in Chantilly, VA and requires a United States
citizenship. Interested candidates can send their resume to:
randall.alliss at ngc.com


Eric M. Kemp
Meteorologist, Civil Enterprise Solutions
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Information Systems, Civil Systems Division

Goddard Space Flight Center
Mailstop 610.3
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Phone:   301-286-9768
Fax:       301-286-1775
E-Mail:  eric.kemp at nasa.gov
E-Mail:  eric.kemp at ngc.com

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