[Wrf-users] MODIS landuse categories - WRF v3.1 doesn't run with them

Jean-Louis Monge jeanlouis.monge at free.fr
Fri Sep 4 13:33:16 MDT 2009

On Tuesday 1 September 2009 06:56:43 Mikhail Titov wrote:
> Dear WRF help and WRF users,
> Does anybody work with MODIS landuse data using WRF v3.1 and Noah LSM?
> I download MODIS landuse data from WRF official site.
> I corrected GEOGRID.TBL for landuse to re-direct landuse into MODIS
> directory in 'geog'.
> I checked LANDUSE.TBL (in 'run' directory) - it includes
> "MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH" tables for summer and winter seasons.
> I included "num_land_cat = 20" in '&physics' of 'namelist.input'.
> There is no problem to run 'real.exe' and to read MODIS landuse (using
> "read_wrf_nc -w LU_INDEX ...").
> MODIS landuse is quite different from landuse obtained from USGS.
> But when I try to run WRF v3.1 I have error:

LANDUSE.TBL is buggy in WRF-3.1. Use the LANDUSE.TBL of WRF-3.1.1 instead, or 
correct your LANDUSE for typos by hand.

Jean-Louis Monge
09 50 51 14 43
jeanlouis.monge at free.fr

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